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About Us

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It all started in the summer of 2018 when an acquaintance asked me to create a website for her business. With my background as a Civil Engineer in Computer Science, I took up the challenge and after a few weeks, our first website was online. According to her, the website provided a boost to her customer base and soon the word spread: Jimbo VP was born!

Through word-of-mouth advertising, friends, acquaintances, associations, self-employed people, entrepreneurs... started to ask whether we could design a website for them too and bring it online. Many had been convinced of the usefulness of a website for their company for a long time, but never took the leap due to high costs or the lack of flexibility on commercial platforms. As a deliberately small business, we at Jimbo VP have made it our mission to break down these barriers. Under the motto "Affordable websolutions for Everyone", we offer personalised and, above all, affordable solutions that look as professional and reliable as commercial platforms, but with much more flexibility in design and functionalities.

Sebastien Haverals

Founder Jimbo VP

Our realizations

No better way to showcase what we do than with executed works. An overview of our most recent realisations can be found on this link.

Our portfolio

Every website is unique, but should start from a strong foundation. Find inspiration for your own website in our portfolio.

The benefits

A good, modern and functional website has numerous benefits. Discover the benefits and costs of a website at this link.